HP Deskjet 952c Printer - Getting the Right Paper

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Getting the Right Paper

Most plain photocopy paper works fine in your printer, particularly paper that is
marked for use in inkjet printers. To get the best results, use one of the Hewlett-
Packard papers, which were developed especially for HP inks and your printer.


. Paper width must be between 77 and 215 mm (3 and 8.5 inches). Paper length

must be between 127 and 356 mm (5 and 14 inches).


. Paper comes in a multitude of different weights. For most of your printing

needs use 75–90 g/m


(16–24-pound) plain paper.


. Some papers are whiter than others and produce sharper, more

vibrant colors. For photographs, you’ll want to use HP Premium Plus Photo Paper
or HP Premium Photo Paper for the best results. For projects that use other colored
images, HP Bright White Inkjet or HP Premium Inkjet paper work well.

For a complete list of available HP media, see “Supplies and Accessories” on
page A- 6 of the Electronic Appendix in the electronic User’s Guide.