HP Deskjet 952c Printer - After the Free Phone Support Period

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After the Free Phone Support Period

You can still get help from HP for a fee. Prices are
subject to change without notice. (

HP Customer

Care Online

help (see page 45) on the internet is

still available for free!)

For quick questions in the United States only,
call (900) 555-1500. The charges are $2.50 per
minute and begin when you connect with a
service technician.

For calls from Canada, or for calls in the U.S.
that you anticipate might be longer than ten
minutes in length, call (800) 999-1148. The fee
is US $25 per call, charged to your Visa or

If, during your phone call, it is determined that
your printer requires repair and you are within
your printer’s Limited Warranty period (see
page 54, Printer), you will not be charged for the
phone support service. However, for countries
where the above toll-free phone numbers are
not available, the regular long-distance charges
may apply.