HP Deskjet 952c Printer - Printer Software

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Printer Software

Printer software (also referred to as a printer driver)
allows your printer to talk with your computer. HP
provides printer software and software updates for
Windows operating systems. For MS-DOS printer
software, contact the manufacturer of your software
program. You have several options for getting
printer software:

Download the printer software by accessing the

HP Customer Care Online

web site. See “HP

Customer Care Online” on page 45 for the
addresses of the HP web sites.

If you need diskettes rather than a CD, you can
copy the printer software to diskettes by taking
your printer software CD to your HP dealer or a
friend that has a CD-ROM drive. Be sure to take
along at least 6 blank diskettes. To create the
diskettes, begin the printer software installation.
When the opening screen appears, select


diskettes of your printer software

and follow

the on-screen instructions.

If you are in the U.S., setting up your printer for
the first time, and do not have a CD-ROM drive
or access to

HP Customer Care Online

, you

can order the printer software on 3.5-inch
diskettes by calling (661) 257-5565 (nominal
shipping and handling charge may apply).
Diskettes are delivered to you at no extra
charge. Bonus software that may be provided on
the CD will not be provided on disks.

If you are in the U. S. and need a software
update, you can download the printer
software from



If you do not have access to the web site, call
(661) 257-5565. Software updates are available
for the cost of the CDs or diskettes plus

If you are outside the U.S. and cannot download
the driver from

HP Customer Care Online


page 45), call the

HP Customer Care Center

(see page 47) nearest you.