HP Deskjet 952c Printer - Finding More Information

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Finding More Information


User’s Guide

shows you how to operate your printer. For more information:

• Use the

Quick Start Poster

for installation.

• Visit an HP web site for the latest product information, troubleshooting, and

printer software updates (see page 45 for web site addresses).

• Consult the Electronic Appendix for information about supplies, accessories,

and specifications. The Electronic Appendix is found in the electronic



which you can access from the HP DeskJet Toolbox (see page 8), or go to

Start Programs HP DeskJet 950C Series View User’s Guide

. If you

do not have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader on your computer, begin the printer
software installation process, select

View User’s Guide

, then follow on-screen

instructions to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Begin the printer software
installation again, and select

View User’s Guide


• Consult the

Release Notes

file in the HP DeskJet 950C Series program group

for information about hardware and software compatibility. To access the

Release Notes

, click on

Start Programs HP DeskJet 950C Series


• If you are using DOS, information can be found in a text document



. This document is on the printer software CD in the



directory. For example, “enu” is the language code for English, so


is located in the


directory. For a list of language codes,

see page 52. If you have diskettes, the file is located on the HP DeskJet Control
Panel for DOS diskette.

• If you are a Windows 2000 Professional user, visit HP’s web site at


for more information.