HP Deskjet 952c Printer - Storing Print Cartridges

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Storing Print Cartridges

To maintain excellent print quality from your print cartridges:

Keep all print cartridges in their sealed packages, at room temperature
(60-78˚ F or 15.6-26.6˚ C), until you are ready to use them.

Once installed, leave the print cartridges in their cradle at all times to keep
them from drying out or becoming clogged.

Store unsealed print cartridges in an airtight plastic container.

Do not

unplug the printer until printing is complete and the print cartridge

cradles have returned to their home position on the right side of the printer. The
print cartridges will dry out if not stored in their home position.

Only use the Power Button

on the front of the printer to turn the printer

on and off. Using a power strip, surge protector, or a wall-mounted outlet
switch to turn the printer on and off may cause premature failure.


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Using and Caring for Your Print Cartridges